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Here's the scoop on your favorite bands...

Black-Sabbath performing in Ozzfest once again, August 5, 2005.
Black Sabbath is to be main stage in Ozzfest once again after Ozzy's throat problems. He has recieved a thumbs-up from his doctor and he is preparing to "go f*^king crazy!"

Only-Rock's new Introduction To Tabs will be a big hit, August 4, 2005.
Only-Rock has just unveiled the latest addition to Guitarist's Paradise, the new Introduction To Tabs. This six-lesson course will teach new-intermidiate guitarist's proper fingering through important skills such as finger strength, coordination, flexibility, and speed. By teaching exercises and songs, along with a small Tablature Definition page, Only-Rock's Introduction To Tabs is a must-see for any guitarist. Even if you know your stuff, the Introduction To Tabs will improve your skills because of the exercises developed by experienced guitarists.
Note: The Introduction To Tabs course is very effective, but is not a total-guitar course. In otherwords, the Introduction To Tabs course will teach exercises and how to read tabs, but will not teach proper care and handling, chords, or musical notation. 


Black Sabbath pulls out of 3 gigs in a row; August 3, 2005.
Black Sabbath has pulled out of 3 Ozzfest gigs in a row. Frontman Ozzy has been sick since July 27, their first show canceled, at Holmdel, NJ. Since then, shows have been canceled at Noblesville, IN, on the 31, and yesterday, when they pulled out of the Ohio show. Will this be their last one? No one can tell, but if you are attending  an Ozzfest show and would mind it if Black Sabbath did not attend, then contact the show venue. For more information, go to


The Top 5 forgotten Hair bands of the 80's/90's, August 1, 2005.
Yeah, I, along with you, would like to see some credit put where it should be deserved---with the Hair Metal period of the 80's. Those bands that just don't seem to get the well-deserved credit like Classic Rock bands. Not that the Classic Rock bands don't deserve the credit---it's just that Pop-metal is right up their with Classic Rock, too. So, let me lay on you the Top 5 forgotten Hair Bands of the 80's/90's:
5 Quiet Riot (feautring about-to-be Ozzy guitarist Randy Rhoads)
4. Cinderella (Completly shadowed by more well-known bands such as Bon JovI)
And the Top 3 Forgotten Bands are: 
      3. Rainbow (and all of the rest of Ronnie James Dio's bands, they have been outshadowed after he sung for Black Sabbath in the 80's)
2. Winger (founded by former Alice Cooper bassist Kip Winger)
And the most forgotten Hair Band Of All Time:
1. Kix (Poison's frontman Brett Michaels stole Kix frontman Steve Whiteman's stage act)
These bands are definetly not the most talented, or the best sounding, but just the most forgotten from an era that was once marked as Metal's golden age.


KISS! scores big with their rankings in this month's Hit Parader Magazine, July 28, 2005.
Here are the ratings for KISS:
The Top 100 CD's In Metal History
4. Alive
16. Destroyer
33. Love Gun

Also made the list for the following:
All-Time Top 10 Live Albums:
1. Alive

All-Time Top 10 Metal Albums Of The 70's:
2. Destroyer

All-Time Top 10 Most Influential Metal Albums:
4. Alive

All-Time Top 10 Albums With "Hell" In The Title:
5. Hotter Than Hell

All-Time Top 10 Shock Rock Discs:
7. Hotter Than Hell

They defintely appeared more than any other band in the Top Albums of All Time article.

Review on Bon Jovi's upcoming single, Have A Nice Day, July 28, 2005.
Previously Only-Rock featured an article on Bon Jovi's upcoming single and album, Have A Nice Day.
I have just listened to the single, and here is my review:
Have A Nice Day sounds strangely like Bon Jovi's previous single from the Bounce album, It's My Life. But, even still it seems to capture very little of their Hair Core. It seems to be conisited of the Modern Rock Power Cords, but Richie's Guitar Solo is as good (or even better) than ever. Rating: 9.3/10

Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver cleared, July 25, 2005.
Scott Weiland's drug charge was cleared last week in California. Weiland, singer for Velvet Revolver, was arrested in California in May, 2003, when there was cocaine and heroin found in the car he was riding in.

Motley Crue and Eagles are in the Top Ten Grossing Tours of mid-2005, July 22, 2005.
#3. Eagles: 28 Million
#4. Motley Crue: 21.3 Million
Well Done!


The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins begins solo-project after bassist quits, July 22, 2005.
Justin Hawkins, guitarist and singer for the amazing modern glam band, has started a solo project that is produced and recorded entirely by him. His single, to be released on August 15, is a cover of the 1974 Sparks' single "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us." His video has been released. View it by clicking this link below: