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Rock Trivia 3 (New!)
Rock Trivia 1 Questions!
Rock Trivia 2 Questions!

Be sure to check all of your answers! The question in in red, the answer is in blue. Thanks for playing!
--1-4 Answers correct: Be sure to check out Only-Rock's Hall Of Rock and Album Reviews!
--5-7 Answers correct: O.k. You might want to widen your rock 'n roll taste.
--8-10 Answers correct: Pretty good.
--11-13 Answers correct: Wow, you can rock with the big guys!
--14-15 Answers correct: Amazing! You know your rock!

#1: This band was formed in the late 70's by vocalist Kevin DuBrow. Randy Rhoads was this band's first guitarist, but left by the time they remade some of Slade's biggest hits.     Quiet Riot
#2: What is Led Zeppelin's most well-known album, which features Stairway to Heaven and Black Dog?     Led Zeppelin IV, or "Untitled"
#3: This Austrailian band originally toured with Dave Evans, but later fired Evans and hired their 70's raspy-voiced lead-vocalist.     AC/DC
#4: What was Jon Bon Jovi's original birth-name?     Jon Bongiovi
#5: Gene Simmon's original band was [blank] before he quit to join  KISS.      Wicked Lester

 #6: What band's name came from a book by early-1900 author Sinclair Lewis?
     Aerosmith (The novel was titled Arrowsmith)
#7: This band remade Bob Dylan's Knockin' On Heaven's Door and Paul McCartney's  Live & Let Die.     Guns N' Roses
#8: What 1983 pop hit featured Eddie Van Halen on guitar?     Beat It (from the album Thriller) by Michael Jackson
#9: What was the song which was the sole U.S. Top-40 hit for this Scottish band in the mid-70s, was a remake of a song released in 1961 by both the Everly Brothers and Roy Orbison.     Nazareth's Love Hurts
#10: This album was Black Sabbath's biggest seller, and became a Top 40 Bestseller and went multi-platinum.      Heaven & Hell

#11: This song is one of Queen's most well-konwn, but many people fail to realize that it is a gay-anthem.     We Are The Champions
#12: This solo-artist Barked At The Moon.     Ozzy
#13: Iron Maiden's mascot is [Eddy or Edward The Great].    
#14: Posion had Nothin But A Good Time with what guitarist?     C.C. DeVille
#15: Cinderella's huge hair-ballad was one of glam's last power-ballads to succeed.     Nobody's Fool

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