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Rock Trivia 2 Questions!
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Rock Trivia 2 Questions!

The answers come in a seperate pop-up window. Pop-up Blocker may need to be turned off for the Answers to appear.

1. Before he became the second singer of Black Sabbath, he had a solo career with major hits. What is his name and what hits did he sing?
2. What band did Tommy Lee drum for in the 80's?
3. What Portland band was brought to the hair scene in the early 80's by Gene Simmons?
4. The last AC/DC album with Bon Scott was ____________________.
5. Tracii Guns slamed on his guitar for what two bands?

6. UFO's Pete Way and Motorhead's "Fast" Eddie Clark played in what 80's hair supergroup?
7. AC/DC's frontman Brian Johnson was in what 70's UK glam band?
8. Twisted Sister played in clubs for  8 years before they ever entered the studio in ' 78. Their first demos were not released until 1998. What was their compilation of club songs called?
9. Kip Winger is the guitarist for his band, Winger. However, he played in another band in the 70's. What band was it?
10. Randy Rhoads was Ozzy's first and most well-known guitarist. However, what band did he start his career with?

11. Aerosmith's Joe Perry records at his own studio named __________________.
12. Ted "The Nuge" Nugent is associated with what classic Gibson guitar?
13. What hair metal frontman is known for on-stage temper-tantrums and inciting riots?
14. What 80's frontman stole Steve Whiteman's (Kix) stage moves from under his feet (for proof on this one, check out the Answers pop-up, you'll be amazed).
15. Black 'N Blue's guitarist Tommy Thayer left to play leads for what legendary band?

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