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Answers 2
Rock Trivia 3 (New!)
Rock Trivia 1 Questions!
Rock Trivia 2 Questions!

Here's the grade scale for Rock Trivia 2. If you didn't get as good of a score on Rock Trivia 2 as you did on the original Rock Trivia, don't worry, the new set of questions are much harder than our original game.

Questions Right:                Grade:

  • 15: Wow! Your a stud, dude!
  • 12-14: You did better than most rock historians.
  • 9-11: Rock Historian Level. Pretty Good.
  • 6-8: Average for a regular hair metal fan.
  • 4-5: Under Average. Spice up your knowledge by traveling around Only-Rock.
  • 2-3: Disgrace!!!! What's your problem, dude?
  • 1: Leave this site now. Nobody wants you here poser.

1. Ronnie James Dio became the lead singer for Sabbath in 1980, but before that, he had major solo hits with Rainbow In The Dark, Last In Line, and Holy Diver. Dio has also been in two other bands, Elf and Rainbow.
2. Tommy Lee pounded on his guitars in Motley Crue.
3. Black 'N Blue was recognized by Gene Simmons of KISS.
4. Bon Scott's last studio album was Highway To Hell, released in 1979. He died in Feb., 1980 after an all-night drinking spree.
5. Tracii Guns slammed awesome riffs in both Guns N' Roses and L.A. Guns. In fact, it's his last name in both of the band's names (Guns N' Roses and L.A. Guns).

6. Pete Way played bass and Eddie Clark played guitars in the super-group Fastway.
7. Brian Johnson (AC/DC) also sang for Geordie, an 70's UK Glam-Rock band.
8. Twisted Sister's Club Daze was released in 1998. It included Twisted Sister's biggest club hits.
9. Kip Winger also played in the Alice Cooper band in 1974-6.
10. Randy Rhoads formed 80's Slade cover band Quiet Riot.

11. Joe Perry's studio is known as "The Boneyard."
12. Ted Nugent has played his Gibson Byrdland since the start of his solo career in 1975.
13. White-trash Axl Rose (GN'R) started throwing tantrums during shows after the fall of hair metal. It soon escalated into him not showing for shows, and then his fans started rioting after concerts he didn't come to.
14. Poison's Brett Michels stole Kix's Steve Whiteman's stage moves, causing Kix to be in Poison's shadow throughout the band's career. From a funny thing happened on the way to album number three. As the band got ready for a brief West Coast jaunt, the boys kept hearing some fishy stuff about another young, good looking frontman by the name of Brett Michaels. The big hoopla around town was that the young upstart was said to have stolen singer Steve Whiteman's stage act. Rumor became fact and here is why: prior to Poison relocating to Los Angeles, the band had often come out to see Kix perform live. Now local heroes in their own right, it was clear that Michaels had more than borrowed a few stage moves from the charismatic Kix singer. Sadly, when Kix got the opportunity to open for Poison at L.A.'s Country Club, their worse fears materialized as they stood in stunned silence watching a younger, better looking, musically challenged Poison from the side of the stage. The band had not only stolen Whiteman's stage moves, they'd just about stolen their entire stage act from underneath them.
15. Tommy Thayer took the shoes of space-aged lead guitarist Ace Frehley of KISS. Some think Gene Simmons may have pushed Ace out of the band to make room for his long-time Black 'N Blue friend.

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