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House Of Guitar
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Lesson 0: Tabs
Lesson 1: Power Chords
Lesson 2: Easy Songs

Welcome To The House Of Guitar!
What is the House Of Guitar?: The House Of Guitar is provided to you from Only-Rock. It is an extremely interactive and fun course. It is designed by the top guitarists and teachers for the best results.
Who will the House Of Guitar help?: The House Of Guitar helps the beginning, intermediate, and advanced guitarist. Though it does not substitute for one-to-one guitar lessons from an experienced guitarist, it will help you better understand the instrument you play and love.
How does the House Of Guitar work?: The House Of Guitar is simple to navigate. See the navigation bar to the right. It is mandatory that you read the "Before You Start" pages before you begin! This will better help you understand the course and will help you navigate through the course.
How much does it cost?: Only-Rock provides the House Of Guitar to you for free. Since many hard-working guitarists simply cannot afford private lessons, and many guitarists also have tight practice schedules, the House Of Guitar is one of Only-Rock's biggest accomplishments. Now tell us where else you can follow an interactive guitar method for free that offers sweet results!
Cool! I wanna start now!: Now hold your horses. Make sure you read the "Before You Start" pages before you start. These pages will help increase your results with the course. If you have any questions, please fill out the Comment form below. Also, once you are done please rate the House Of Guitar in the below poll. This will help us get a feel for how much it helped you. Now, please look to your left and click on "Before You Start Pg 1." Good luck and remember: you won't get anywhere is ya' don't practice!!!!!

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