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The Weekly Look


The Only-Rock Weekly Look gives you a quick overview of everything that has happened the past week. Each edition is posted both here and at the Rock News Blog. We will go over tour info, new and upcoming releases, important events that have happened, and Only-Rock News. We may have background music here only. All stories are property of the writers and all songs are property of those who performed it. We will try to give credit whenever it is necessary to do so. 2006 Only-Rock. All Rights Reserved.



-Guns N' Roses: They may have missed the first two dates of their US tour, but their tour manager says not to worry. He says it's only because Axl is putting the finishing touches on Chinese Democracy.   :-)

-Supernova: If you have tickets to check out Tommy Lee's Supernova, beware. Their bass player Jason Newstead (ex-Metallica) was injured during a rehearsal. This leaves the band scramabling to find a new bassist before their tour begins.

Fall is the starting time for many great tours! Let's check out the ones either in progress or about to begin.

  • -L.A. Guns/Bulletboys, Aerosmith/Motley Crue, Mike Tramp's White Lion, Paul Stanley, Winger, Guns N' Roses, Wolfmother, Europe, W.A.S.P., Stephen Pearcy, Supernova (see below), Queensryche, and quite a few more. We have stories and dates on some of the tours in the Rock News Blog, others you'll have to research yourself.

    Fun Trivia:

  • (10.28.06) QUESTION: Rudy Sarzo has played for what 4 major bands in his career?

    ANSWER:Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, and (currently) Dio.

    (10.21.06) QUESTION: Led Zeppelin used what songs lyrics for the lyrics of "Whole Lotta Love"?

    ANSWER: Muddy Water's "You Need Love". Though Jimmy Page wrote the guitar piece himself, the lyrics for Led Zeppelin's hit single "Whole Lotta Love" was 'borrowed' from Muddy Water's 1962 track "You Need Love". This led to a lawsuit against the band.

    Want more? Check out Only-Rock ROCK TRIVIA for two versions of Trivia.


    • (10/28) A Possible VH Reunion: reported on Oct. 26 that they heard that VH may possible reunite with original singer David Lee Roth.
    • 10/28) Hendrix Songs Sold For $15,000,000: A private bidder has bought the rights for Hendrix hits "Hey Joe," "Purple Haze," "Voodoo Child," and "Foxy Lady." The Hendrix family is challenging, saying they own the rights to all of the music.
    • (10/21) Tower Records Closes: After being sold to a liquadator on October 6th, the 46 year-old music retailer relives some of its best times.  Larry Kirwan, independant singer: An LP or CD is "something real that's not virtual," he said. "It's like music itself. I'm not sure music is virtual. It's real and it's powerful, and I don't think you quite get the same thing from downloading."
    • (10/21) Can We Believe It Now?: Word on the street ( says The Guns' Chinese Democracy may arrive on November 21. Axl Rose promised the album by the end of the year. Until more surfaces, let's all cross our fingers.

    What's new with Only-Rock? 

  • Check out the new Only-Rock Special entitled "Where Are They Now?" This article sifts through the rumors to find where your favorites are today. Last month's Special, "Hair Metal vs. Grunge", will be republised today on its own page.

  • A Meat Loaf band page will be finished Sunday. Be sure to check it out!

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  • School takes it out of me, and gives me very little time to update. I'll try to update the Rock News Blog Mon., Wed., and Fri. 

    Misc Ramblings:

    Skid Row's Revalutions Per Minute was be released on 10/24. Does anybody listen to the current version of Skid Row anyways? What is Skid Row without the eccentric Sebastian Bach? I feel bad for Dave The Snake (the guitarist). He's the only good musician in a "has-been" band. I can tell you one thing: I ain't buying their CD and if I get the chance to listen to it, I'll turn it down.

  • 'Tis the season for new releases from some of your favorite bands. Quite a few look pretty good. Here are a few tracks I got to listen to a little before you guys:

    -(NOW RELEASED!) Twisted Sister's "A Twisted Christmas": What a blast! Dee, Eddie, Jay Jay & crew still rock. They have taken some awesome classics and "twisted" them around a bit. Heavy guitars & drums, great singing and solos. They made the music just a lot of fun to listen to. This is exactly what I hoped for for Twisted Sister's last studio album. Go listen to the samples at

    -Paul Stanley's "Live to Win" (NOW RELEASED): I bought the single (Live To Win). It seems much more modern than the newer KISS stuff. Almost new-Bon Jovi-like. But hey, it was written Desmond Child (though Paul wrote most of the other stuff on the record). Cool guitar solo. The title track is a good song, but I don't think I'm gonna get this CD.

    -Meat Loaf's The Monster Is Loose from "Bat Out Of Hell III" (10/31):  The songs I've heard from this album are great. It seems to be more like BOT II and is not as poppy oa BOH I. The title track is a great heavy metal song with Meat Loaf's classic operatic vocals. The ballad "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" will be an instant classic.

    Albums Just Released:

  • 10/??: Quiet Riot - Rehab
  • 10/17: Twisted Sister - A Twisted Christmas
  • 10/20: Kingdom Come - Ain't Crying For The Moon
  • 10/24: Skid Row - Revolutions Per Minute
  • 10/24: Krokus - Hellraiser
  • 10/24: Paul Stanley - Live To Win 
  • Here are the albums on the way from the metal world according to

  • 10/31: Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell III
  • 11/27: Kiss - Kiss Alive!!! 1975-2000
  • 11/27: Europe - Secret Society
  • 12/01: Funny Money - Stick It
  •  All dates are subject to change. Underlined albums are ones that I am intending on listening to or buying.

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