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July 11, 2008
Only-Rock Updates
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Only-Rock is going to have some major updates.
Topic: Only-Rock News

It has been almost two years, but Only-Rock is finally back up and running. Plans are going full blast to completely update Only-Rock.

The plans are to make all information time-current, delete unneccessary pages, and add new pages and information.

These major updates will continue until September, 2008.

More details are on the way. Be sure to keep checking back!

Written By The Rock News Blog at 8:37 PM EDT
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October 14, 2006
Weekly Look Published
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Only-Rock News
Only-Rock's Weekly Look has been published. Read it at . It has release dates, tour news, editorials, O-R News, and much more.

Written By The Rock News Blog at 1:36 PM EDT
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August 13, 2006
Only-Rock Update
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Here's an update on the future of Only-Rock.
Topic: Only-Rock News

What's up rockers?! Only-Rock has been constantly adding content all summer long, and we are almost done. Here's a guide to the internet's premier site for 70's Rock & 80's Metal.

1. Check out our new banners! How about you leave us a comment through the comment form telling us whether you like the banners or not.

2. We live on feedback! Please leave comments/requests through the comment form. Like our site? Recommend it to some of your friends! Click on the Recommend This Site button on our home page!

3. We have added so many new band pages!!! W.A.S.P., Alice Cooper, Dio, Ozzy, Ted Nugent, Iron Maiden, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, and more!

4. We have added videos to all of the band pages!

5. Guitarist's Paradise is closed until September. Sorry for any problems.

6. Check out our page on Hard Rock Cafe! It's full of pictures and history.

7. We have added banners for One.Org. This organization was started by Bono, lead singer for U2. Support it all you can. Remember, you don't have to give money to stop extreme poverty.

8. Rock On T.V. introduces all of the rock shows and movies!

Well, have a great summer! Rock on, SMFs!!!!!!!

Later, Only-Rock 

Written By The Rock News Blog at 6:54 PM EDT
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August 12, 2006
What's Up Everyone....
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Support One.Org (Live 8) and Amber Alert.
Topic: Only-Rock News

No, we are not asking you to donate your small retirement fund to charity.

 Rather, we are asking you to help spread the word and make a small donation to one of the best "investments" into the world's future.

 At the bottom of Only-Rock's homepage ( and at the top of the links page, we have supplied a banner for the One Campaign, an organization dedicated to making extreme poverty history. Launched by U2's Bono, One is made up of 2 million people and 70 non-profit organizations, including the famous Live 8 rock tour. What can you do to support One? Go to their site ( and  sign the declaration (free/no money involved) to show your support. Then, buy the One White Wristband ($1) or buy a One/Live 8 t-shirt from the website or your local store. One isn't asking for your money---they're asking for your support and voice.

 Also at the bottom of Only-Rock's homepage is a pair of tickers for Amber Alert. They are updated regularly by the Amber Alert site. Every time you visit Only-Rock, be sure to check the tickers to see if there's an Amber Alert near your hometown. The top one is for the US, the bottom one is for  Canada.

Thanks for your time. Only-Rock knows that it isn't our job to crowd you with fundraisers and charities. We don't have a site store, nor pop-ups asking you for money. However, if we ever find an organization that just makes sense---we'll gladly help get the word out Smile.

Written By The Rock News Blog at 11:51 AM EDT
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July 23, 2006
Only-Rock, Back & Running
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Only-Rock is back up and running.
Topic: Only-Rock News

After over a month of techincal difficulties, Only-Rock is back up and running. Whosever fault it was, I take full responsibilty and apologize. Even still, I am doing my best to get Only-Rock back in a positive and productive direction.

 For more information, please see the Only-Rock newsboard on the homepage ( There is also a list of expected finish dates for all of the summer projects. The first one to be completed was the O-R Monthly Special page. Many of you know that it has been having some extreme techincal difficulties over the past few months, and I believe I have fixed all of them. Also, I have updated the page with the new special, Hair-Metal v. Grunge and have added links to all of the old stories. This project was finished 1 day ahead of schedule. The next project to be finished will be educating all of the visitors that rely on Only-Rock for their source of music news. Since the Rock News Blog has been down, those visitors that rely on us for their news have been out in the cold of the news occuring in the metal world. All of the important news articles will be posted by July 24th. Then the Rock News Blog will resume normal operation as the best source for metal news and Only-Rock website notices.

Stay tuned to Only-Rock's Rock News Blog for more information and updates. Thanks, The Only-Rock Staff.

Written By The Rock News Blog at 12:22 AM EDT
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August 29, 2005
Time for the weekly Only-Rock update.
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Only-Rock News
What's up fellow long-haired headbangers! Its time for the weekly website update.

During the past week, Only-Rock has seen a ton of additions to the site. For example, in Album Reviews, Kix, Poison, Van Halen, and KISS have been added with more on the way. In Guitarist Paradise, 10 new tabs have been added from bands like ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, and Skid Row. The Hall Of Rock has seen both Poison and Bon Jovi being inducted, and The Rock News Blog has told the story of Iron Maiden from two different vantage points.

What can you expect next week? Guitarist Paradise will add Ibanez to the Guitar Reviews, and Album Reviews will be expecting ZZ Top and Alice Cooper to be added to the already awesome section. The Hall Of Rock is scheduled to induct Van Halen tomorrow (Aug. 30).

The Ultimate Albums page has gotten so far 33 visitors! It will be re-done, and starting Sept. 1, You will have to go to Album Reviews to check it out. Be sure to visit it again in September, since tons of new albums and bands will be added/deleted now that does not own the copywrite.

However, How To Be An Ultimate Hair-Metal Star only has 19 vistors. To keep it, it must have over 25 vistors on September 1. If you haven't checked out either How To Be An Ultimate Hair-Metal Star or Ultimate Albums, then be sure to do it before they get tossed!

Until later,

Written By The Rock News Blog at 1:14 PM EDT
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August 20, 2005
A little update headbangers
Mood:  vegas lucky
Now Playing: Livin' On A Prayer- Bon Jovi
Topic: Only-Rock News
Whats up rockers? Its time for the somewhat weekly website update!

First off---you only have 10 more days to view "How To Be An Ultimate Hair-Metal Star" and "Ultimate Albums." We might keep one if the visitors were high (currently we have had 7 people view Hair-Metal Star and 11 view Ultimate Albums, we need at least 20 to keep it).

Second off---Be sure to check the AMBER ALERT tickers when you visit Only-Rock. Only-Rock hopes that you would take a second to possibly save a life. The top ticker is for the US, while the bottom is for Canada.

Third off: Introduction To Tabs has once again fallen dormant. Introduction To Tabs is a high-quality 6-lesson course designed by extremely talented guitarists for both beggining and intermediate level. It focuses on exercises, congs, power chords, and how to read tabs. Intro To Tabs is located at Guitarist's Paradise.

Other news:
-I will be working on re-doing a lot of the album reviews in the next week, and adding more. Some new bands that will be added are Van Halen, KISS, Kix, Poison, and Black N' Blue. These will be added at different times throughout the week.
-This week's Hall Of Rock band is Poison. Bon Jovi is scheduled for next week. I will try to add more band more frequently, since i know I've fallen behind.
-I have changed the way that you give feedback. As you probably know, the feedback button has not been working and I have not been recieving any comments on the site. Now, there will be a feedback form at the bottom of the Home page & Guitarist's Paradise. Please leave a note if you have ideas or comments about the site, would like a certain guitar or album reviewed, would like a link to a guitar tab, would like to suggest a band for the Hall Of Rock, or any other misc. thought.

Until Next Time,
Keep On Rockin', Rockers!!

Written By The Rock News Blog at 4:10 PM EDT
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August 10, 2005
Some more information about the new additions to Only-Rock.
Mood:  happy
Topic: Only-Rock News
Well, it is time for the some-what weekly article of Only-Rock News. New this week: Guitarist's Paradise's new Introduction to Tabs; the Ultimate Albums List; and How To Be An Ultimate Hair-Metal Star.

Last week, Guitarist's Paradise unveiled its newest addition: The new Introduction To Tabs. This new 6-Lesson Course is better than ever---and will help you on your way to playing rock and roll guitar. This course starts off with much needed exercises that any guitarist needs to practice, than goes into power-chords, how to read tabs, songs, and even more exercises. Some lessons, like the exercises and songs, are for intermediate and beginning guitarists, while all the rest are directed directly towards beginning guitarists. The Introduction To Tabs was created by high-level famous guitarists, and should help you tons.

Also last week, The Ultimate Albums page was added to Only-Rock. Created at, this Ultimate Album list features some of the best Classic-Rock albums. Nobody at Only-Rock had anything to do with the list, and many of them were disappointed when they had no say in what albums--or bands--made it onto the list. This list will be here until September 1.

And, just yesterday, Only-Rock created an all new page, How To Be An Ultimate Hair-Metal Star! This 10-step list will take you from prep to hair very easily! (Note: This page is for a few laughs). How To Be An Ultimate Hair-Metal Star will remain here until September 15.

Be sure to check out other cool pages like Album Reviews and Rock Trivia (Tons Of Fun!!).

Written By The Rock News Blog at 12:01 AM EDT
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August 5, 2005
Welcome to Only-Rock's New Rock News!!!!!!!!!!
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: Only-Rock News
Welcome to Only-Rock's New Rock News Section!!!

It is amazing how fast Only-Rock has grown in the past 7 months of operating. We have had over 1000 visitors now, and tons of pages have come and gone. So I have decided to create something that is here to last.

This Rock News Blog is the highest tech-savvy Rock News page you will ever find. Not only will I, the writer of the Rock News page, be able to write news articles, but our viewers will be able to comment on the articles. What the point of this? It will mean that it is now up to you guys to scrape for those delicious details that I have left out in the story, plus your opinions on the story, too. And if you leave your opinions and facts (please site where the facts came from), it will be a lot more fun to find out about what your favorite rock stars are up to. For information on how to post your comments and read other peoples, read the FAQ below.

Question: Why is this different than the other Rock News pages?

Answer: It will be more informative. Not only will the Only-Rock viewers find details that I have missed, but the viewers can also leave their own opinions. This will cause many interesting things to happen.

Question: How do I post my own comments and read others' comments?

Answer: You can leave and read comments by clicking on the Post Comment link under the story. The amount of comments already posted will be in (45) after the Post Comment. Once you have gotten a pop-up that shows everyone else's comments, you can reply to their comments or post your own by clicking on the specified button.

Question: Who has ultimate say to what comments get posted?

Answer: I Do. I will remove any comments I do not feel are revalent, and I will censor cuss-words with symbols (f%$# you).

Question: Where can I find the older Rock News Articles?

Answer: There are links to the old Rock News articles on the left hand side of your screen.

Question: Will I still post Rock News Story's regularly?

Answer: Yes. The only difference between this Rock News page and the last couple pages is the post comment option.

Written By The Rock News Blog at 6:32 PM EDT
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