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Jay Turser Guitars


The Les Paul Style
What a beautiful guitar! A real nice, beautifully painted and crafted guitar, for a really nice price! This vintage style lightweight solid-body guitar can really rock! Set mahogany neck with 2 Gibson Humbucking pickups. Really nice sound, way better than any Epiphone Les Paul.
Rating: 9.2/10 An Awesome and Lasting Guitar!
Price: $321.21


The SG Style
Jay Turser's version of the Gibson SG. Double cutaway solid body with a set Maple neck and two humbucking pickups. Awesome distortion, clean, and bass. A real nice intermediate guitar.
Rating: 9.2/10 Beautiful Guitar
Price: $339.95

Jay Turser "Continued"


The Strat Style
The equivelent to the Squire Strat. Not the best of strats, but still very appropriate. Features Lightweight Solid Body with a Maple Neck, 3 Single Coil Pickups with 5-Way Selector. Nicer than most Squires and cheaper, too. A nice entry-level Strat.
Rating: 8.9/10
Price: $249.95


Entry Level Les Paul Style
A cheaper version of the Les Paul style, this is also a beautiful guitar. Lightweight with a mahagony set neck, this proves that Les Pauls can be made cheap. Still better sounding and quality than an Epiphone, and under half the price.
Rating: 9.0/10
Price: $233.97

Ibanez Guitars


Ibanez GRG170DX Electric

Triple pickup attack for more sonic flexibility.

Take classic Ibanez playability, combine it with 3 Powersound pickups, and throw in a seriously stable tremolo system and you've got an axe made to rock. The GRG-shape maple neck meets up with a basswood body housing a humbucker at the neck and bridge, and a single-coil in the middle position, plus a FAT 10 bridge. The 24-fret rosewood fingerboard features edgy sharktooth inlays. Chrome hardware.


  • GRG-shape maple neck
  • Basswood body
  • 24 medium frets
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • FAT 10 bridge
  • Powersound 1 humbucker at neck
  • Powersound single-coil in middle
  • Powersound 2 humbucker at bridge
  • Sharktooth inlay
  • Chrome hardware

Rating: 9.28---A Middle-Level Metal Guitar

Price: $225



Ibanez UV777
Review:The guitar that ignited the 7-string revolution in rock! As astounding now as it was when it came out, Steve Vai's Universe cuts no corners on tone or looks. Abalone disappearing pyramid fret marker inlays; a mirror pickguard; Vai's "Light without Heat" pyramid logo below the bridge; plus full body, neck, and head binding provide staggeringly fabulous looks. A double-locking Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge 7 recessed trem lets you dip and soar with flawless intonation. DiMarzio Blaze humbuckers at the neck and bridge provide chunky rhythm and dense lead tones while a Blaze single coil in the middle provides brighter, edgier highlights. Basswood body and quartersawn maple neck. 24 fat frets times seven strings on the rosewood board adds up to a Universe of freedom for your fingers.


  • Abalone disappearing pyramid fret marker inlays
  • Mirror pickguard
  • “Light without Heat" pyramid logo below the bridge
  • Full body, neck, and head binding provide staggeringly fabulous looks
  • Double-locking Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge 7 recessed trem
  • DiMarzio Blaze humbuckers at the neck and bridge
  • Blaze single coil in the middle
  • Basswood body
  • Quartersawn maple neck
  • 24 fat frets
  • Rosewood fingerboard

Review: 9.63---Awesome 7-String Concert Guitar

Price: $1824



Ibanez S470
A super-sleek body; fast, thin neck; and the warm sound of an axe from the '50s make this guitar a burner. Mahogany body, maple Wizard II neck, jumbo frets, double-locking tremolo, 2 Infinity humbuckers (type 1 at the neck, type 2 at the bridge), plus an Infinity single-coil in the middle.

Features: Maple Wizard II neck, Mahogany body, 22 jumbo frets, Rosewood fingerboard, Zero Resistance bridge, Zero Point tremolo, H/S/H Infinity pickup configuration

Rating: 9.14---Yet another metal-classic from Ibanez

Price: $479


Ibanez Iceman 400

There's no other guitar with this design, and it has the appointments to back up the look: set neck for lengthy sustain, mahogany body for a warm tone, 3-piece maple neck that won't sag, and 2 Ibanez humbuckers to give it swat.


  • Set neck
  • 3-piece maple neck
  • Mahogany body
  • 22 Medium frets
  • Bound rosewood fingerboard
  • IBZ AH1 neck pickup
  • IBZ AH2 bridge pickup

Rating: 9.48/10---Loads Of Sustain

Price: $549

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